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Art Program

I love teaching art because I believe we are all artists!  Art connects people and reminds us that adding beauty to the world is an important contribution.  Over many years of teaching I have taught everyone from grades TK-12, but I have also owned my own business and been a zookeeper and animal trainer for zoos and aquariums all over the United States.  If I won the lottery I would spend all my time rescuing and rehabilitating wild otters or other animals in need, protecting their habitats  so they could return to them, and educating people about protecting animals and wild places.  If I could have coffee with any person in the world it would definitely be my mom, because she is my hero and all-time favorite person, but she loves me enough that she would probably invite Jane Goodall to come, too.  I think it is because of the example my mom set for me that I strive to be love in action for everybody always and to live by the motto of doing what I say I’m going to do.  If I could give one piece of wisdom to my students it would be to live YOUR life, because you are the only person who has ever existed who has your dreams, hopes, ambitions and talents, so it is very important that you are true to yourself and your purpose.  Be kind!  Be bold!  Do good!