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Music Program

My name is Jacob Geosano, and it’s my joy to be able to teach music at Lighthouse Charter School! This is my first-year teaching, having just finished my student teaching. It’s been an incredible journey to this point, but now it feels like the journey is beginning a new!
Here at Lighthouse Charter every single student is part of the music program! We are leading the way in the new age of Californian music programs, where music is a guaranteed part of every student’s education. This is as it should be, as music is a Cultural Universal, meaning music is an important part of every single culture in the world, with no exceptions. This means that our students here shouldn’t be made exceptions either, and so I get the honor of teaching every grade on campus, from TK all the way to 8th grade!
From percussion and wind instruments in middle school band, to Ukulele in the middle school and older grade levels, to the ever popular music games at the younger grades, we get to do it all here at Lighthouse Charter, and I get the honor of teaching it all.
If you have any questions, comments, inquiries, or just want to share some music, please contact me at