Update Regarding the Press Release for Lighthouse Charter School

Update from Superintendent Mr. Lewis Regarding the Press Release for Lighthouse Charter School:

The Lighthouse Charter School (LCS) was authorized by the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) in November of 2013 and is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2015 in West Sacramento, Ca. Currently 227 students have enrolled to receive the expanded educational choice and opportunities that Lighthouse will provide for families in West Sacramento and surrounding communities. Lighthouse is designed to replicate the successful Delta Elementary Charter School (DECS), which is located in Clarksburg, Ca. Lighthouse and DECS are founded on a rigorous academic program that includes visual and performing arts, technology, Spanish language and athletics programs. We believe in the power of dedicated and compassionate staff and parent volunteers. DECS and Lighthouse are focused on parent and community involvement in order reach all stakeholders and ensure the educational needs of all students are met.

Lighthouse Charter School remains committed to opening a new school in the Fall of 2015 and believes that this dream will be realized for the families of West Sacramento.

On January 16, 2015 Lighthouse Charter School received notification from the Washington Unified School District that the Lighthouse Charter had made “substantial revisions” to the charter petition by choosing to open grades TK-2 in 2015, instead of K-2, 7 and 8. An expansion of the notification on WUSD’s web site indicated that Lighthouse had “recently informed the District that they (LCS) intend to lease space at multiple churches for school operations, that they have added a transitional kindergarten program, and that they will not have a middle school program until 2018 at the earliest.” 1-16-2015 WUSD Notice of Material Change Letter

WSUD’s letter and subsequent press release was a quite a surprise to the staff of Lighthouse Charter, as staff have been regularly communicating with the WUSD Superintendent throughout the authorization and subsequent processes. WUSD staff were first informed of the proposed changes to grade levels in late July 2014, status of land transfer process and issues in early September 2014 9-3-2014 LCS & WUSD Communications (before toxics issue with the land was discovered by LCS) and of the proposed change in location to rented church facilities due to toxics issue with land on October 30, 2014 10-30-2014 LCS E-Mail & Strategic Plan 2013-2020 Summary to WUSD. Lighthouse Charter School staff are committed to transparent and upfront communications in order to open the school under the best possible circumstances and with the highest level of integrity.

We will begin immediately to work with WUSD to resolve any areas of concern as we have consistently done throughout the petition and approval process. We ask for your patience and continuing support as we work through this and any remaining issues prior to the opening of Lighthouse Charter School. Superintendent Steve Lewis will be providing additional updates as they become available through the Lighthouse Charter School Facebook and webpage.


For more information about the Lighthouse Charter School visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lighthousecharterschool and on the web at http://www.lighthousecharterschool.org. You can find information about Lighthouse’s sister school Delta Elementary at http://www.deltacharter.org or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DeltaElementaryCharterSchool