School Info

   The Lighthouse Charter School’s educational program has been developed to provide expanded educational choice and opportunities for families in West Sacramento and the surrounding communities. We will be replicating the Delta Elementary Charter School (DECS), which is located in Clarksburg.  Lighthouse will offer a school setting that reflects the community’s desire to have access to a rigorous academic program that includes visual and performing arts, technology, Spanish language and athletics programs. Lighthouse will also focus on parent and community involvement to reach out to all stakeholders to ensure that the educational needs of all students are being met.
The goals of The Lighthouse Charter School include:
·  Attacking the ethnic and socioeconomic achievement gap to enable students to become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners who are prepared for a lifetime of opportunities and change. 
·  Providing a multiethnic, student-centered learning environment that focuses on student achievement on an individual basis.
·  Offering an educational program based on Common Core State Standards within an educational experience that will also include technology, fine arts, athletics, and project based learning to support the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of a student in the 21st Century. 
·  Educational programs for every student to reach his/her optimum academic performance level.
·  Integrating components of technological innovation and mastery as part of the core academic program.
·  Providing personal growth and development opportunities in the areas of:  Intellectual development, social development, physical and emotional health, technological knowledge and skills, service to their local community, creative talents in the creative and performing arts, and create a student-centered learning environment.
·  Providing multiple opportunities for cross-cultural understandings.