Date:July 18, 2015

Amy Thompson

Hello there! My name is Amy Thompson and I am one of the 2nd grade teachers at LCS. This is my first year at LCS and my first year teaching 2nd grade. Before I came to this beautiful school I was a tutor, para-educator, instructional aide, and substitute teacher with EGUSD and a kindergarten teacher for two years. After teaching kindergarten for two years, I am very impressed with my 2nd graders abilities with tying shoes and knowledge of letters.

I’ve spent my life in Sacramento, and graduated from Sac State with a BA in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies major was perfect for me because I love to liberally study everything and consider myself a life-long learner.

I love teaching! My mom is a teacher and I basically grew up in a classroom. In fact, I was almost born in a classroom! I guess due to my “on time is late” mindset I started life a month early and have been living it up ever since!

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