Partnering with Sac State

The research is clear, mentoring has positive affects on school attendance, grades and standardized test scores. These positive effects are much more likely when one-on-one mentoring has been strongly implemented early on.  Other studies have found  that participants in various mentoring programs had higher levels of college enrollment and higher educational aspirations than nonparticipants receiving the same amount of education. Positive adult influences in the lives of our students can make a big difference in school.  Parents, teachers, coaches, and youth leaders are all mentoring kids daily. However, we recognize that some students need even more interaction with caring adults.  That’s why Lighthouse has partnered with Sacramento State in order to provide counseling services for many of our students.  The mentoring sessions will take place here at Lighthouse for our students as well as those from DECS.  Students chosen for the program will meet with CSUS students to talk, play games, and interact in a way that provides yet another positive connection for our students.  If you have any questions about the program, come meet the students and their professor on Friday at 8:30am here at Lighthouse or call Principal Freeland at (916) 744-1212