Only 5 More Weeks!!

Aloha Lighthouse Families,

That’s right, there are 5 more weeks of summer vacation left! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy time with your families this summer. I’ve been lucky enough to run into many of you around town and, from what I hear, many of you have have been on some great adventures! I look forward to hearing more about where you’ve been and what you’ve all been doing over the summer!

As you all know, next year Lighthouse will be a TK-4th grade school and we’ve hired two new teachers. Mr. Bun (pronounced boon) will be teaching 3rd grade and Ms. Shill will be our new 1st grade teacher. Ms. Shill and Ms. Carrillo will have the option to teach large group at times, and in smaller groups when possible, by using one of our mobile partitions in their classroom. For those of you in TK, K, 3rd, and 4th, you all know who your teachers are as there is only one classroom at those grade levels. 1st and 2nd grade parents should know that placement decisions are made based upon recommendations from the previous year’s teacher. The only caveat to that is that any 1st grader who was in last years 1 / 2 combo will not be a 2nd grader in the combo class this year. Class assignments will be posted on-site on the morning of July 31st using your student’s initials and birthday for security purposes.

We have some big changes coming to Lighthouse next year! Of course the addition of two new teachers and two new instructional aides will add to our community, but there are even more people coming to join the team. This year, our afterschool program will be headed up by Champions Afterschool. I could not be more excited about the programs they will be offering to our students. In addition to a robotics class featuring NAO, a programmable robot, they will also be offering classes featuring 3D printing and more. All the enrichment programs are included in the cost of afterschool care. The staff from Champions will be in close contact with our site teachers to ensure that activities afterschool align to what students are doing in class. Additionally, completing homework during afterschool time is paramount to the program. Please refer to or follow the link on our school website.

In addition to new people, we are looking forward to some new facilities as well. At the Baptist site, we will be including an entirely new portable classroom for our TKers as well as new bathroom facilities. At the Trinity site, we will have a new bathroom facility located on the playground. These facilities are being brought to our sites to relieve some of the congestion that existed last year. I want to thank the PTC for being instrumental in our acquisition of these facilities.

Four weeks from today, on August 10th, we will be hosting our Meet and Greet Event where our entire staff will be on hand to answer questions and meet with families. At this event, you will have the opportunity to complete registration forms, sign up for afterschool if you have not already done so, and meet your child’s new teacher. Of course, I will be on hand to greet you all as well. During the next five weeks, I will be in the office daily with the exception of July 24, 25, and 26. Feel free to call or stop by with any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, ENJOY the rest of your summer!