Message from Superintendent Lewis

Good morning LCS families,

I would like to inform you that Ms. Washington has resigned and I will be acting as your principal. I am committed to our vision of creating a school that focuses on the home school connection. We will be assigning an interim principal that will work alongside me and our staff to ensure that our teachers and staff are supported. Our LCS vision is focused on three core values with positivity and collaboration at the forefront.

Our school community and staff is strong because of our values and I am eager to work alongside each of you as we strive to get to the next level.

My promise to you as families is stronger than ever and I assure you that our Leadership at LCS is proving to make a difference. You, as families, are at the core of our vision. This is your school and I appreciate your support as we make you, our staff and our kids the #1 priority at LCS.

Contact me directly with any questions.


Steve Lewis, Superintendent