Introducing our new Lighthouse Principal: Ms. Hope Migliaccio

Lighthouse Charter School is committed to our families, staff, students and school community.  Our efforts to select our new Principal have been extensive and I am pleased to welcome Ms. Hope Migliaccio to our team.  Ms. Migliaccio comes to us with years of experience as a school administrator.  Our administrative team of Ms. Andrews and Ms. Migliaccio will make our vision for excellence a reality.  Please join me in welcoming our new Principal.  

Steve Lewis, Superintendent

A message from Principal Migliaccio

Dear Lighthouse Charter Families,

It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the new principal of Lighthouse Charter School. I am honored to have been selected to join your community and fully support and embrace the charter’s mission of “Growing leaders and scholars through collaborative culture and community”, as it aligns with my perspective as an educator.

I have been dedicated to the field of education for the past 23 years as a teacher and administrator, with a focus on maximizing the learning potential of all students and staff. Empowering others to embrace a growth mindset allows for creativity, the cultivation of dreams, and the achievement of what at first might seem impossible.

My extensive experiences in education have been wide and diverse, and will enable me to get straight to work at continuing the progress made by those who paved the way before me at Lighthouse Charter. My roles have ranged from teacher (elementary school level, middle school level, and at the collegiate level) to middle school principal. In each of these posts, I successfully developed programs that supported positive school climate, established full-inclusion practices, and increased student achievement.

I believe there are key principles that I keep close at heart that have allowed me to achieve the successes I have and will continue to afford me the opportunity to be a guiding force at Lighthouse Charter. At the foundation of these principles is the belief that data, both informal and formal, should be used to inform and assist in a constant cycle of analysis, revision, and reflection. In addition to the utilization of data, I feel that making collaborative decisions in professional learning communities and various site based committees to ensure a culture of shared responsibility is essential to creating and maintaining a positive campus climate. By “shared responsibility”, I include myself in that expectation. I am an authentic person who believes in reciprocal leading; when I ask others to work hard on a project I am right there alongside them doing the work it takes to achieve excellence. I believe that to lead people, you must walk beside them.

I am excited about working with the students and staff of Lighthouse Charter School but also look forward to the work we will do together with families and the community. Only through working collaboratively with all stakeholders can a school be a safe environment in which both students and staff can be allowed to develop and achieve their goals. Our 21st century students are amazing thinkers who face different challenges than the generations before them but offer a wealth of digital experience that many educators and parents were not afforded as youth. I view my role as a lead learner, teaching the students we have, not the students we were, to establish and maintain a culture in which we embrace our innovator’s mindset and create a positive and engaged environment for all to be creative, passionate, forward-thinking, and safe while still learning the skills and knowledge necessary for them to be successful in their world.

Beyond my school day, I am a dedicated mother and wife. I have two boys, Spencer (23) and William (19) and two dog “babies” a beagle named Lucy (16) and a lab/shepard named Bodie (15). Raising my own children has given me a lens through which I can remember the fears, challenges and triumphs that each family I work with may be facing at any time. My family is a constant force in supporting my every endeavor and inspires me to strive each day to believe that anything is possible! I strive to help students, staff and parents feel similarly.

In closing, my educational journey has lead me to the doors of Lighthouse Charter School and I am ready to begin the work of educating our children alongside each of you. The thousands of students I have been fortunate enough to work with through the years and those that I will be so eager to support in the days to come remind me that education is truly a work of the heart as afterall, children are at the core of everything we do. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to bring all that I have experienced and learned with me to your wonderful community. I will be sending an invitation to all families to a meet and greet in the near future to begin our journey, but please do not hesitate to stop and say hello, if I don’t get to you first.

Warm Regards,

Hope Migliaccio
Lighthouse Charter Principal