First Day of School is Here!!!

Hello Lighthouse Family,

It is the moment we have all been waiting for, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

As I think back to the beginning of my journey with Lighthouse, I realize that so much has been accomplished in the past two months. Then I started thinking about how many people began this journey long before I had even heard of Lighthouse Charter School. Many of you toured our sister school, Delta Elementary Charter School in Clarksburg, and fell in love. All of you have decided to enroll your children in Lighthouse Charter School because you believe in the mission and vision and values of River Charter Schools, and you believe that we could provide your children with a high quality education that aligns with the high expectations you hold for your children. I am honored that you chose Lighthouse Charter School because you could have chosen to take your children to any number of high quality schools in and around West Sacramento, yet you chose Lighthouse.

The faculty and staff of Lighthouse Charter School, and a significant number of contractors and construction personnel have been working around the clock to get our school up to city codes, aligned with the Americans with Disabilities Act, academically rigorous, and socially responsible so that your children will have the best education we can possibly provide. The church communities that have allowed us to rent their facilities have made numerous sacrifices in order to make our school a reality. Our teachers have spent countless hours planning and collaborating with each other and with the teachers from Delta Elementary Charter School to ensure they are prepared to serve each and every family who has chosen Lighthouse Charter School.

Last, but definitely not least, the PARENTS of Lighthouse Charter School have put in an innumerable amount of hours recruiting other families, planning for the traffic and safety plans of the school, and even giving input on hiring decisions. Parents have knocked on doors throughout West Sacramento in a grassroots fashion to make sure that families knew there was a new option available to them for the education of their children. Our amazing parents have gone to farmer’s markets and Food Truck Mania and events at parks to recruit other families because of their personal passion and commitment to our school. We have had parents send out email blasts at work, update social media to keep other families informed, and post posters in businesses in and around West Sacramento. Our parents have attended board meetings for River Charter Schools and Washington Unified School District to advocate for what they believe is the best choice for their children. I cannot say enough about the entire Lighthouse Charter School Family.

In a few short hours, we will all embark on a groundbreaking moment. We will all walk onto the campus of Lighthouse Charter School expecting the greatness we have planned for. As with anything new, there will likely be things we did not consider or unexpected occurrences, and I ask that we all start from a place of assuming the best intentions of everyone. We have all worked together to get to this point, and we must continue to collaborate with each other to get over any hurdles we may experience. The only way we will be successful is with the help of everyone involved. I ask for your patience, and I ask for your feedback. If you have suggestions on how to help us improve, do not hesitate to reach out to me to share your thoughts. The only way we can get to the level of greatness we aspire toward is with the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders: teachers, students, families, board members, and the community. There is a reason our mission statement reads as follows: Growing leaders and scholars through collaborative culture and community. I am committed to making sure that we live the mission statement every day at Lighthouse Charter School, and with the collective efforts of all stakeholders, our mission will be a reality.