Enrollment Update

The class lists have been updated with the new students as well as the results of a random lottery that was conducted for those on the wait list for the 2nd grade. The wait list, which is not in alphabetical order, reflects the names in the order they were pulled.

We will continue to open and close enrollment until our classes are filled. The current enrollment period will end on Friday, June 5th.

We are missing enrollment paperwork on several TK and Kindergarten students. On the class lists posted, for TK and Kinder, there is an * next to those who have completed paperwork and a + for those who turned in partial paperwork and perhaps we are just waiting on a pending doctor or dental appointment. Again that paperwork is only needed for those students entering TK or Kindergarten. If you still plan on your child attending LCS we need you to scan and email the necessary paperwork ASAP. (see prior blogs w/detailed information) If you have enrolled your child at another school please call and let us know to remove them from our list. Thank you. Any questions please call 916-744-1212 and Kathleen will get back with you.