Duct Tape Me to a Wall!

Lighthouse Charter School is participating in one of their biggest fundraisers to support the school and I am asking our community for their support.

The West Sacramento Foundation raffle has some great prizes, trips to Hawaii, etc. but the real deal is in what we as RCS get in return.

A single ticket costs $10 and $9 of every ticket sold goes to the school.

A book of 10 tickets costs $100, that’s $90 going to our school.

Again: $9 of every $10 sale goes to LCS to spend as we see necessary.


My desire is to sell 2000 tickets which would profit $18,000. The PTC challenge is set at $5,000 but my goal is to pass that number. I will need your support.  Let’s duct tape me to a wall!!!  If we make our PTC goal I will allow parents and students to duct tape me to a wall!
Your support and your connections are needed. The raffle sales end next Friday.

Get me duct taped to a wall and let’s bring in money for your school.