CSUS Mentoring Program is returning to Lighthouse!

Our partnership with CSUS is something that truly sets us apart from so many schools in our region.  You have heard me say on many occasions that our staff is committed to making a positive impact on our school community and your children.  Growing up today is challenging and what I have learned over the years in education is the need for more positive adult influence in the lives of our students.  The CSUS School of Education and Department of School Counseling, will be providing services to students on the Lighthouse Campus after the Winter Break.  Counseling interns will be working with students and being that “positive adult influence” that is critical to a child and their future.  Students from CSUS will be on site and under the direction of one of the University’s top professors.  Services will include a range of services from confidence building and feeling confident at school and in the community to grief counseling and much more.  If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please return the counseling form to the front office or send me an email.  I am committed to our school community and am excited to offer this service to our families.

Steve Lewis, Superintendent