VERY BIG NEWS: Our $16.4 million Bond has been Sold!


The Lighthouse Bond that we needed to construct our new school has been sold: 

which means we have secured $16.4 million for our permanent location opening in August of this year!

Our bond offer was on the public market for only two hours and there was so much buyer demand that we were able to take the interest rate that we pay down 25 basis points.

 What’s next?

  • All our classroom buildings that are being built are on track for final payment
  • The Music, Art and Science Rooms are now being built at the American Modular Systems headquarters in Manteca
  • Our future and permanent home at Hobson and Bryte will be financed at the level we had hoped for to ensure our August start

This is all due to you as a school community that believed from day one!!

Steve Lewis, Superintendent